Coping with Loss of Mobility

Coping with Loss of Mobility

Losing the ability to move about freely can be life-altering. With the technology available today, there are many options that can make coping with this problem much easier. Here are some of the ways that have made it simpler for those with loss of mobility to resume their daily life.

Stair Lifts

One of the most helpful options is a stair lift, particularly for people living in a home with more than one level. The stair lift attaches to a rail along the wall beside the stairs. A wheelchair is then attached to the rail. With the push of a button, the chair will slowly ascend or descend on the rail, allowing the person to safely sit until they reach the top or bottom of the stairs.

Loss of mobility is life-changing, and affects a person’s mental state. They are no longer able to do things that were taken for granted previously. A chair lift makes it possible for them to stay in their home even if it has stairs. They do not have to look for another place to live, adding to the stress they are already feeling.


The ability to go shopping or visiting family and friends is another area of a person’s life that is affected when they lose mobility. A vehicle that can easily accommodate their wheelchair is quite beneficial. Rather than feeling they are confined to their home, they have the ability to go to the store or visit with friends across town. This is why companies such as R & R Mobility offer vans for sale in georgia.

Another mode of transportation that is immensely helpful for people with loss of mobility is a scooter. They are available with three or four wheels. One with four wheels … Read More ...